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C-Spec© for Windows®

C-Spec© 2.9 is a spectral acquisition and manipulation program that can provide the user with a full compliment of acquisition routines plus an extensive library of manipulation procedures for Ocean Optics and StellarNet spectrometers. C-Spec© 2.9 brings the user power and accuracy with ease of use.

CVI-Spec Spectral Acquisition and Analysis Software

Acquire and Analyze Spectra Easily

Color Analysis

Thin Film Thickness Measurement

Process Data and Monitor Over Time

Wide Variety of Manipulation Procedures

Overlay Multiple Spectra

FFT (low pass filter) smoothing routine

Data saved as ASCII text for easy export


CIE 1931 Color Analysis Report


  • Transmission, reflectance, and absorbance measurements

  • Film thickness measurements

  • Calculates XYZ, Yxy, L*a*b*, Hunter, L*C*h*, DL*a*b*, DL*C*h*, CIE 2º and 10º standard observers.

  • Time sequence provides procedures for continuous monitoring and display of (a.) full spectra, (b.) amplitude values, (c.) color, (d.) film thickness, (e.) integration over spectral bands, and (f.) ratios of points or of integrated bands.

  • View multiple traces on a single graph.

  • Has rubber-band zoom and auto-peak find.

  • Control signal averages and integration time.

  • Features intuitive menu system and tool bars.

  • 32 and 64-bit Windows™.

System and Software Requirements

  • IBM compatible computer with a 486 processor or higher

  • Microsoft Windows™ 95 or higher

  • 16 MB of RAM

  • A hard disk with at least 2 MB free space

  • A CD drive

  • A VGA, 8415, Hercules, or compatible display

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L*a*b* Color Analysis Report

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