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SM-240 Hand-held CCD Spectrometer

SM-240 Hand-held CCD Spectrometer

Compact Hand-held System

Flexible input through Slit or Fiber

High Speed Data Acquisition

Fast Optical System

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The Choice for Diverse Spectral Applications

The SM-240 is a complete hand-held CCD Spectrometer to use with your PC to obtain spectral information and color data. It consists of four parts:

1. Entrance mechanism with built-in slit, a fiber coupling adapter, and an order sorting filter.
2. Spectrograph of a crossed Czerny-Turner arrangement using high quality optics.
3. Linear charge-coupled device (CCD) sensor array and driving circuitry.
4. Computer interface board.

All the optical components and driving electronics are enclosed in an aluminum housing for stable operation. An OEM version, the SM-200, is also available.

A variety of accessories makes the SM-240 versatile for process control, spectroscopy, environmental monitoring, color testing, and other applications. It can easily be configured for transmission, reflectance, absorbence, and other measurements. The wavelength range from 200 to 1050nm is covered by three standard models; Ultra Violet, Visible, and Near Infrared. The spectral range can be configured to meet your needs. In general, spectral resolution is dependent on the wavelength coverage and slit width for a multichannel spectrometer.

Call us with your requirements. The expansion of the wavelength coverage can also be achieved with our variable filter technology and the use of multiple SM-240 units for a wide spectral coverage as well as an optimum spectral resolution. The SM-240 can accept light directly through a built-in slit, from a fiber through an SMA coupler or both. The fiber coupling ability makes the unit flexible for remote and process control applications. Where high mobility is required, the SM-240 can be used with just a slit to eliminate the light transfer variations caused by the changes in fiber bending curvatures. As a result, attenuation resulting from the use of optical fibers can also be avoided.


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0.5 lbs.

Spectral Range:

UV - 200nm to 450nm
VIS - 380nm to 760nm
NIR - 550nm to 1050nm
Other ranges are configurable from 200nm to 1050nm

Spectral Resolution:

0.3 - 10nm dependent on spectral range, slit width, and fiber diameter (for example: 2.5mm for visible and 2.5mm for UV with 100mm slits)


Fiber SMA 905 fiber coupler
50mm - 400mm core, Ø fiber NA = 0.2
Slit10mm - 100mm

Dynamic Range:

12 bit or 4096:1


Sony or Toshiba CCD array

Pixel Number:

2048 pixels

Sensing Pixel Size:

14mm by 200mm


30 V/mJ/cm² Customer array installation available

PC Interface:

ISA Standard (PCI and PCMCIA optional)

Operating Temperature Range:

15ºC to 35ºC

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